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Today’s retail world is changing like never before. . Something as simple as grocery shopping in the supermarket has become a special occasion, as weekly grocery orders are delivered to the doorstep in no time.



One of the most noticeable impacts of e-commerce on transportation and warehousing is the need for speed. Consumers have come to expect rapid order fulfillment and delivery, thanks to giants of E commerce that have set the bar high.



Technology and innovation is what has helped, even saved, restaurants as they transform how they operate to not just survive, but thrive, in this new connected and contactless era. Using technology is not just about improving operations and service delivery, but also reimagining itself.


Toll Plaza

India is taking leaps in making tolling systems efficient, effective, and transparent. There is a shift to align towards the global trend of acceptance and adoption of intelligent transportation systems which include toll management systems

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A strong customer service policy can make a huge difference in the success of a business. By implementing and maintaining policies and procedures that encourage strong ties with clients while still protecting the interests of the company, the process of keeping customer defection to a minimum while continuing to expand the client base is simplified. While the exact nature of a customer service policy will vary from one business to another, there are a few basic factors that should be considered in any setting. Here we have immense pleasure in sharing that SMART is handling Service Database of more than 1500 ECRs, 1000 Note Counting Machine, 2000 POS Terminals, over 800 Multi function KIOSK, CTS , QMS, Passbook Printer and much more. All these define our well executed Service Policy which further helps in creating new Sales.