About Us

About Us

Innovation backed by reliability

In the self-service domain, we offer an extensive selection of products and tailored solutions for retail, including POS Terminals, Printers, and Self-Service Kiosks. POSIFLEX, one of the largest brands in the industry, commands more than 60% of the market share for POS Terminals, and our long-standing association with them has consistently placed us at the top position for the past 15 years.
As a testament to our performance, SMART SOLUTIONS was honoured by POSIFLEX as the MOST RELIABLE & CONSISTENT PERFORMER on a PAN INDIA LEVEL during their 25th Anniversary celebration last year.


10 Years

of Experiences


Time is what gave rise to our compelling tale

Our purpose extends beyond mere product or service sales. We strive to create a sense of emotion, an unforgettable experience, a feeling of comfort, and a strong community. It's all in tribute to our esteemed customers and partners, as we embark on a shared journey together. We provide our customers with a wide range of solutions and products, catering to different needs and budgets. Our offerings include cost-effective and user-friendly POS Terminals, as well as advanced Transaction Kiosks from highly regarded global brands. In addition to fixed mount terminals, we also offer Mobile Devices (Handheld Terminals) that are ideal for on-the-go transactions, whether for logistics solutions or sophisticated retail operations. As businesses continue to expand, it becomes crucial to analyse detailed data and utilize it for future forecasting in order to thrive in a competitive environment. In such market conditions, system integration becomes increasingly important, and this is where Mobility Devices and Barcode Solutions play a significant role. With our partnership with the renowned brand HONEYWELL, which began just five years ago, we have consistently maintained our position as top performers on a Pan India level. Currently, SMART SOLUTIONS is engaged in niche projects with other industry-leading brands, such as our newly added partners, ZEBRA and SAMSUNG.

SMART's commitment to After Sales Service ensures that your business stays up and running smoothly. In your day-to-day operations, equipment defects or failures are the last thing you want to encounter. With SMART's After Sales Service, you can expect fast and competent assistance when facing such situations. Our team is dedicated to providing swift solutions, as we understand that delays in resolving faults and failures can pose real challenges. We not only guarantee high-quality support but also prioritize speed. To effectively handle these service-oriented products, we have a team of trained and experienced engineers, administrative personnel, and support staff. They assist us in managing the entire pre-sales process, equipped with up-to-date knowledge of the latest technology and evolving market trends. This enables us to deliver solutions that align with the emerging demands of the industry. In order to continuously enhance our team members' skills and keep them informed about advanced techniques, we regularly organize seminars and workshops. These initiatives not only contribute to their industry knowledge but also benefit the company by improving the overall quality of service we provide.


An overview of our time

YEAR 2022

Business with some Top brands

Started association with ZEBRA. Doing RFID and Solution centric business with some Top brands of the country. Joined hand with SAMSUNG. Doing exceptionally well by way of selling their commercial DMB & Video Walls Solutions to major QSR Brands and Toll management Brands of country.

TOP business performers

Our association with HONEYWELL started & SMART is amongst the TOP business performers of HONEYWELL too.

Year 2017
Year 2011

consistent performer

Started association with POSIFLEX. In the first year itself SMART sold maximum numbers of POS machines in India & was invited to attend the Global Conference to TAIWAN. Since then SMART has been a consistent performer in POSIFLEX & has been serving the TOP QSR brands at PAN India level.

Service provider for Banking products

Became the Service provider for Banking products of BRADMA Note Counting Machines, Cash / Cheque Deposit & Passbook Printing Kiosks in whole NCR Region with more than 2500 Installations.

YEAR 2005
Year 2003

got engaged with FORBES TECHNOSYS LTD

SMART SOLUTIONS started operations as IT Hardware and Solution providing company and got engaged with FORBES TECHNOSYS LTD (S P Group) selling retail automation products. Remained the TOP performer & won many awards year after year.